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Taste of the Himalayas


Paneer Mushroom Masala
Cubes of Paneer and fresh Mushroom cooked in a  most popular Tikka Masala Sauce,sautéed with fenugreek & other spices.

Mango Chicken
Marinated Boneless Chicken breast baked in tandoor oven then cooked with Mango based onion tomato sauce.

Goat Curry
Slow cooked bone-in goat in our house special sauce.
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a. Appetizers
b. Vegetarian Tarkari (Curry)
c. Chicken Dishes
d. Lamb Dishes
e. Tandoor Dishes
f. Sea Foods
g. Biryani
h. Side Order
i. Dessert

"Berkeley's Best: Taste of the Himalayas"

"Berkeley: A new Taste of the Himalayas brings the magic of momos to Shattuck location"


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